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Framing Contractors | Central Texas

Tex Tile simply loves the process of framing a residential or commercial project. Framing contractors are certainly plentiful but it takes a real art to see the structure develop its shape in the framing contractors process. The framing of a home has to be one of the most exciting stages of the construction process. Seeing the home come to life and take its shape is exciting to witness and more exciting to be a part of. Most people get very excited when the framing is done, thinking that the house is almost built. In reality, the house is only about one-third complete.

And although the framing contractors job may seem quite simple, the framing must be measured extremely accurate as it dictates the success of the walls, ceilings and roofs. If the framing is poor quality, the drywall won’t be flat, the floors will squeak, and doors will not close correctly. The job of the framing contractor is to make sure the framers follow the plans and the building code.

In traditional platform framing a platform or floor is built on the foundation. The structure is bolted to the foundation with anchor bolts and hold down straps. Walls are placed on top of the floor joists, followed by the roof trusses Traditionally, the floor joists are made of 2×8 – 2×12 boards. However, today the best choice for floor trusses are composite “I” beam joists. They are environmentally friendly using up to 60 percent less wood to make than a solid wood joist and are straighter, stronger and lighter than traditional floor joists.

Tex Tile has experience in both residential and commercial framing projects. Call us today for a free quote.