Enterprises Tex Tile | Man Cave Installation

When it comes to your man cave installation, we all have opinions about style. Some of us like rustic while others like a more traditional look. There is no right way to look at style. Style is your own definition and that definition is good for you. And while style differs we can agree that some rooms of the home can certailny get more manly. Like the area where you hang out with your friends. Lets just call it what it is, for us guys anyway, its a man cave and we want manly man caves.


A really good material that brings manly out of any room, is stone. Stone can make a room look massive and masculine. Stone is my favorite material to incorporate into any man cave. Whether its a single wall or a fire place, stone says strenght and we like that in our man caves.

Natural Wood

Another material that really looks good and masculine is wood. I love the way wood looks especially when it is near some type of stone. These materials go naturally together. And together they represent a richness that is esily recognized. I love using a natural edge hardwood for bar tops and countertops. I like a nice dark hardwood for the floors as well. A man cave can be all that you want it to be. Its totally up to you what materials to choose. For me natural materials go well together.


Concrete is another really solid material for a super cool looking man’s cave. We haver used custom concrete for the floors and countertops. Concrete is a very durable material and once it is sealed it is almost possible to destroy. Concrete ads a nice touch to any man cave.


Lighting is important for any room. But in my man cave, I have to have many optionsĀ for lighting. I like a lot of recessed light so I can really control the brightness of the room. Over our card table I installed a really cool antler lighting feature. Lighting should compliment the theme of your man cave. So get creative.

Man Cave Installation

Enterprises Tex Tile can create some of the coolest man caves you can imagine. We have experience in all facets of home construction. Our team of carpenters, masons, stone workers and engineers, can make any idea a reality. Call us today and let us help you design an awesome man cave.