In order to keep your family’s items safe from potential damage, a properly working roof is necessary. Having an improperly working roof can lead to many different issues in your home and to your belongings. These issues include mold growth, roof collapse and water damage. Below provides information on how frequently you should have a roof inspection. Getting your roof inspected and having timely roof repair in Killeen Texas will help prevent against further damage to your roof. It is recommended that you perform a simple roof inspection by yourself twice a year. The great thing about performing this simple roof inspection, is that you don’t have to get on the roof to complete it. All you need to do is visually inspect your roof from a ladder.

During this inspection, look for signs of damage such as loose shingles. Replacing missing shingles ensures that your roof is entirely resistant to the outside elements. If you find loose shingles or other damage to your roof, make sure you contact the experts at Tex-Tile Construction for your roof repair in Killeen Texas. In combination with your own roof inspection, you need to schedule professional roof inspections. How often you need to have professional inspections depends on the type of roof. Tile roofs should have a professional inspection every five years while composite, wooden and asphalt roofs should be professionally inspected every three years. Keeping up with these inspections will allow you to schedule roof repair in Killeen Texas when needed. You can find specific recommendations from your roofing company on when you need to schedule a professional inspection for your home. It is important to invest in the inspection and maintenance of your roof in order to prevent the need for costly roof repair in Killeen Texas.