Enterprises Tex Tile Delivers Custom Concrete Work

Who would have thought that concrete would be making its way into modern design? Although concrete gives a strong industrial look, when combined with other materials, concrete is a way cool modern choice. One of the most common uses for custom concrete work in the home is concrete countertops. Besides an awesome look there are several reasons to choose concrete for kitchen countertops.

Durable: Concrete countertops are extremely durable. Once the concrete is sealed it becomes non porous, heat and stain resistant. It is also very unlikely that your custom concrete countertops will crack or break. These babies are built to last.
Stylish: Any color stain can be added to the concrete to give it a real custom look. Concrete countertops can also be custom made to various shapes and turns.
Longevity: Because of the natural durability of concrete countertops, they can last for years. A common concrete countertop can last for at least 20 years.

Experience Matters

Enterprises Tex Tile has a team of professional concrete experts ready to serve you. Our team has the experience and understanding to create any custom concrete job a reality. We offer extreme craftsmanship with great detail. Our designers can create your dream and make it a reality. Contact us today for a free quote.